Q: Is a written report really necessary?

A: The A.I.C. specifies that: "The conservation professional shall document examination, scientific investigation, and treatment by creating permanent records and reports." At The Better Image® we follow the ethical code of our professional organization to assure the protection of our clients and our reputation in our field and to maintain the highest professional standards.

Once signed, a condition report and treatment proposal serve as a contractual agreement protecting both the client and the conservator.

Q: How long does a project normally take?

A: We can usually examine and test a photograph and produce a written proposal within two weeks. Treatments are scheduled only upon receipt of a signed authorization from the client. A number of projects are usually underway at any one time, so depending upon our workload, the degree of research needed and technical difficulty, six to eight weeks or more from authorization to completion is not uncommon. It is always better to be patient and to allow more time rather than rush any treatment project.

Q: How do we proceed to treatment?

A: If the written report and treatment proposal are accepted, we ask that you sign and return the authorization page to us. Once authorization is received the project is scheduled at one of our operating studios. Our clients are kept informed of any new developments that may occur and are notified when the project is nearing completion.